All images © 2006–2010 Paul M. Bowers.

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After 26 years of commercial and advertising photography, with its big productions, grip trucks, staff, permits, planes, trains and moving vans, I've had a photographic epiphany.

I've long loved the small snapshot camera from the film days and when digital matured, it was an even more powerful tool. I began to snap images everywhere - at home, traveling in the car, dining with my wife, wherever. And the more I shot, the greater appreciation I developed for the low-production medium.

Meanwhile, the digital world became one of perfection. It’s careful, practiced, formulaic, post-produced images have become the de facto standard of the industry. Everything. Must. Be. Perfect. That process stripped photography of its roots, my first love, the instantaneous and spontaneous capture of a decisive moment.

My new approach shines real with this style. It's not random; it's understanding what 26 years of photographic production achieved in each shot and releasing control to use small camera photography to capture the emotions of those moments.

These images are about life, experiencing the world around us and elusive nature. If that freedom of credibility and unpredictability inspires you, please take a journey through my photography. And if you can't yet let go, have a look at my vintage site - I kept it unchanged since 2002-ish. In interweb years, that's nearly a century.